BARCS Announces Lifesaving Medical Match
Feb 3

BARCS Announces Lifesaving Medical Match

At the beginning of February, BARCS announced a lifesaving match. Bill Miller of the Miller Value Partners generously pledged to match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 for the Medical Care Fund. The match may now be over, but your donations are still needed to help support this critical, lifesaving program at BARCS. Please consider donating here:


Sweet 8-year-old Hector is an absolute love bug. With his mismatched ears and perfect droopy lips, he’s been stealing hearts at BARCS since his arrival.


However, when he first came to BARCS, Hector was a bit of a mess. Upon examination, our vets noted Hector has dental disease. There is redness and discharge in both ears, and half of his left ear is missing. He had a significant amount of fleas that caused him to develop hair loss and itchy patches all over his body. Hector's paw pads were also very red and painful. It was clear that this sweet old boy wasn’t being taken care of.


Senior pets deserve to be spoiled and doted on. They deserve a person who keeps up on their veterinary care, feeds them extra special snacks and makes sure that they worry for nothing.


Through our in house medical team, Hector is receiving daily paw soaks and treatment for his ears and skin. He has extra bedding and beds to lay on, which he absolutely loves.


In-house medical care for our animals is the largest portion of the BARCS budget. It’s where funding for our shelter is always greatly needed. For Hector, he needed attention from our medical team each and every day. This is why BARCS has veterinarians and supporting medical team members: to make sure that our animals get excellent specialized and daily care.


Did you know that every animal that passes through our shelter each year has a medical treatment plan? From animals who need routine vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery to animals like Hector with specialized treatment and even those animals who come to us in critical condition.


But we can’t do it alone. We need you… they need you.


Your gift today of $10, $20, $50 or whatever you can comfortably afford will give a homeless animal like Hector a second chance so that they never live another day without medical care, shelter and, most importantly, love.


Your donation and its match will be used to support the Medical Care Fund.


Please support BARCS today to the BARCS Medical Care Fund. Your gift will help us nurture thousands of homeless pets in Baltimore as we get them ready for adoption and give them a chance at a new life in a loving home. Don’t hesitate—they’re counting on you!