Cold Weather Tips for Outdoor Cats
Dec 5

Cold Weather Tips for Outdoor Cats

Brrrr—it's cold outside! The following guidelines will help you protect outdoor cats in your community.  

1. If you suspect there are outdoor cats in your neighborhood, check under your car to make sure there are no sleeping cats visible near your engine. During winter months, outdoor cats often climb into car engines to seek warmth from the elements.

2. If you check under your car and don't see any cats, beeping a car horn or banging on your hood is another simple way to ensure you wake any cats so they don't get hurt. Give cats a minute to walk away before starting your car. 

3. If you care for outdoor cats, it’s important to remember that their water sources are likely frozen this time of the year. Put out warm water frequently and also offer them wet food, which helps greatly with hydration.