Darko's Best Day
Apr 15

Darko's Best Day


“He’s too much.” “We can’t care for him.” “Our apartment has breed restrictions.” “No pets allowed in my home.” “He has behavioral issues.”


Those were the reasons that poor Darko was returned to BARCS. Five separate owners, five different reasons. We knew Darko’s adoption would need to be with a patient, special family who wouldn’t give up on him—especially when he needed it most.


Darko first arrived at BARCS in February 2019 when he was barely five months old. He was a pretty brindle puppy who loved mischief and fun, not unlike other pups his age. Some of his favorite things were romping around with his friends in play group and chewing on snacks from our enrichment team. Each time he went home, we hoped it was the last. But something always came up that brought poor sweet Darko back to BARCS.



We couldn’t even imagine how confusing and heartbreaking this shuffling of homes must have been for Darko, who, deep down, just wanted a family to love. Every time he got settled in, something happened, and he was whisked back to us. We promised him we would find the right family for him—to find his forever—before the holidays.


After all, Darko loved being around people. He was a champion tailgater at Baltimore Ravens games and gave lots of smooches to interested adopters.


Finally, Darko’s best day came: he was adopted in mid-December by a family who adores him. They renamed him Gunner and remarked proudly how he already knows his name after only a few days.



His new family told us that “they were the lucky ones” who adopted Darko—and truly, Darko is the lucky one who will spend the rest of his life with people who love him like he deserves to be loved.