We're Moving! Help Us "Empty the Shelter"
Mar 5

We're Moving! Help Us "Empty the Shelter"


Over the last few months, you’ve probably heard that BARCS will be moving from our iconic home on the water in Federal Hill. We’re here to tell you it’s true!


BARCS is slated to move at the end of March to our new shelter home at ‪2490 Giles Road‬ in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. While our team packs up all the “stuff” in our shelter, we need your help with something much more important...


From now through the end of the month, help BARCS “Empty the Shelter” and find loving homes for the amazing animals in the care of our current facility. 


Best of all, a long-time anonymous donor and friend of BARCS has given $10,000 to cover the adoption fees for all animals to help us empty the shelter. That means you can adopt your new best friend for no cost; instead, use the money you saved to buy new supplies, toys and treats to spoil your pet! Adoption procedures remain the same.


While we are packing to move, we will remain open admission, meaning that each day leading up to the move there will be new animals who need homes.


We want to empty the shelter because we hope to bring as few animals with us as possible while we get used to our new facility. A shelter environment can already be stressful for homeless animals, and we don’t want them to have added stress of moving—unless it is to their new home. 


Our move date is not finalized, but we hope to let you know very soon when you can expect to visit us in our new location.


Come help us “Empty the Shelter” at BARCS! Your new best friend is waiting.