Finding Forever for Francine
Aug 7

Finding Forever for Francine


Sweet Francine has a smile that could melt hearts across the greater Baltimore area… she certainly did each time she was at BARCS. We say each time, unfortunately, because Francine was in our shelter five separate times over the course of one and a half very long, confusing and heartbreaking years for this sensitive pup.

Her story begins in January 2019, when a kind citizen found Francine after watching several people try to fight their dog with her. Francine was timid in our care—she would recoil in fear if you moved towards her too quickly and was easily overwhelmed. We decided to place her in a foster home, where, over time, she learned to trust the people around her. We were thrilled when, two months after her arrival, she was adopted.

But then, three months later, Francine was returned—her new owner stated a member of their family had severe allergies. This began a heartbreaking pattern for Francine, who was adopted several more times only to be brought back to BARCS for a variety of reasons, including a landlord dispute and a sudden move. Regardless of the reason, it was never Francine’s fault.

Enough was enough for poor Francine. She deserved a forever home, and that was what we promised her; no more “forever for a few months.” We would find her a family that would love her unconditionally like she deserved until the end of time.

Enter Jodi and Jeffrey L. This couple had been looking for a rescue dog to join their family for one simple reason, “Their loyalty after all they have been through shows these beautiful creatures truly are smarter than us.”

Despite all she had been through, Francine was forgiving, and she took to her new family right away. Jodi says she showed no fear of her new surroundings, and she loves chasing lizards and frogs in their yard. Francine is a big fan of the garden and the family’s big fan, which helps to cool her down while she naps on hot summer days next to the pool. 

Speaking of the pool, Francine loves going for swims with her dad. When it’s time to relax, she follows her “pawrents” around like she’s their shadow. She also loves meeting new people!

Jodi says, “Francine has a very long and sad story, but you would never know it by how much incredible love she gives to us everyday. We were truly meant to find her here at BARCS; she needed us, and we needed her.

“Humanity had failed her at first, but with the help of BARCS, we can now do right by her. She is the most amazing powerhouse of a dog, full of love, nothing more. We hope that Francine (now Emma) and her story can inspire others to give these creatures another chance to be the dogs they are meant to be.”

Have a great life, Francine!