Happy Tails During Quarantine
Apr 22

Happy Tails During Quarantine


Despite the recent uncertainty, BARCS continues to take in and care for hurting and helpless animals in our community. As an essential service and an open-admission shelter, we are still welcoming new animals in our shelter each and every day. As an essential public service, our open admission shelter has been pivoting and innovating every day in order to keep our staff, fosters and community safe, all while saving lives and finding homes for the animals in our care.

Our shelter is now open by appointment only, and many of our adoptions are done virtually. In fact, we’ve done over 60 adoptions this way! We are so thankful to our adopters and fosters who are still making miracles happen during these unprecedented times.


Pretty little Tink came back to BARCS after her original owner passed away. This big-smile girl is always up for an adventure. She loves to go outside for walks, runs and hikes and, in the car, she loves to stick her head out the window to take in all the smells and sunshine. Tink’s new moms fell in love with her smile and love for the outdoors. Tink was our first “virtual adoption” under our modified programs and shelter operations. 


Sweet Roger was found dirty, his long white fur covered in mats and burrs. A thorough medical exam also showed that he had severe dental disease, resulting in a full tooth extraction. It was clear this poor boy had been outside for quite some time, and now, he was ready to spend his life being spoiled. Though he looked like a bit of a “mess,” one family fell deeply in love with Roger; his new best friend is a little girl named Georgia.


Senior sweetheart Meerkat was found wandering the paths in Druid Hill Park before being brought to BARCS by a kind citizen. Upon intake, she was filthy, very skinny, shy, and had lacerations all over her. Meerkat’s frail body was also balding from lack of nutrition and her ears were cropped unevenly. It took some time, but with loving care at the shelter and in her foster home, Meerkat gained some much needed confidence and weight. She also gained a forever family with people who adore and love her like she deserves.


Regal Chocolatebar was found as a stray wandering the big city streets with an injured paw. Right away, our skilled medical team determined that Chocolatebar would need X-rays in order to see what was causing his painful gait and medication to help him ease his discomfort. Luckily, X-rays showed that Chocolatebar’s leg injury was not a fracture, so he didn’t need any other medical intervention. While he was in his foster home, he started feeling much better! And soon after, he was adopted by a family who promised to spoil him. Now, Chocolatebar is best friends with the family dog, and together, the two perform neighborhood watch duties


Senior princess Rizza unfortunately lost her first love, and so Rizza found herself at BARCS for the second time after her dedicated loving owner passed away. The BARCS medical team helped heal her painful mouth, which had an oral mass as well as moderate periodontal disease. Rizza was looking for a special adopter who would spoil her in her golden years—one who could look beyond her graying muzzle and love her unconditionally. Rizza won the adopter lottery with a great couple who treat her like the princess she is.