Indoor Pet Activities for Cold Days
Dec 5

Indoor Pet Activities for Cold Days

With an expected windchill factor of -20°F tomorrow in Baltimore, it is simply too cold for pets to be outside for extended periods of time. We are asking pet owners to limit outdoor activity to quick potty breaks only, please!


We know that minimal outdoor exercise can mean stir-crazy pups, so we put together a list of fun activities you and your dog can do indoors to keep busy during the big freeze:


1. The “which hand” game with some treats
2. Play hide and seek with your dog
3. Use the stairs for a workout
4. Make a scavenger hunt or play "find the treats"
5. Use a stuffed Kong for a nice challenge
6. Teach your dog the names of their toys
7. Play the “go find it” game
8. Master the basics of obedience training–sit, lay down, stay
9. Teach your dog a new trick, like "high five"
10. Work on clicker training
11. Teach your dog to clean up his toys
12. Get some puzzle toys for your dog
13. Make them work for their food–most pet stores carry work-to-eat toys
14. Play a game of fetch with a inside-friendly soft toy
15. Master the art of doggie massagelots of YouTube videos for this!
16. Grooming! Give your pup and nice spa day
17. Play tag with your dog
18. Create an obstacle course indoors
19. Blow bubbles–check the label for child-safe and non-toxic!
20. Work on impulse control for better manners
21. Bake some simple dog treats
22. Snuggle up and relax!