A Lemonade Stand for Forever Homes
Jul 22

A Lemonade Stand for Forever Homes


Our BARCS family is made up of advocates and animal lovers of all kinds! Recently, one of our adopters wanted to give back to BARCS—so, with a little help from her parents, she came up with a plan…


This is our daughter, Kenley. She’s 3 and ½ and has a heart so big we often wonder how it fits inside her chest. 



My family has been a fan of BARCS for many years. My wife and I designated BARCS as our “in lieu of gifts” choice at our wedding. We’ve also donated, transported rescues and fostered; we even TNR’d a feral cat colony (totaling 14 cats from the Butcher’s Hill neighborhood) through BARCS’ partnership with Community Cats of Maryland!


Our most recent connection, however, has been the most beautiful. In September 2018, when BARCS was out of space for cats, we came and adopted Georgie. Kenley and Georgie were best friends from day one, and, through his adoption, she has developed an even deeper understanding of caring for animals in need.


When Kenley decided she wanted to host a lemonade stand, she declared that she wanted to give the money to “animals like Georgie who are waiting for their homes” instead of buying new toys as other kids might do. So here it is… $100 raised by a 3-year-old selling lemonade “for the animals.” All her, all love, all hope for the future!



--Kristin, Kara and Kenley B.