Nina's Happy Tail
Nov 24

Nina's Happy Tail

Dear BARCS, 
While I was volunteering, I met this sweet, docile, reserved senior. Her name was Nina, and her kennel card indicated she was about 11 years old and seized from her previous home. Her kennel card said special needs and it was due to some mammary tumors. I instantly fell in love with her! She had this old lady wobble and just so much love still to give. I came home and told my husband about her and that was the end of it... or so we thought. 
I went back to volunteer the next weekend and saw that she was still there looking even more down in the dumps than before. I tried to spend extra quality time with her that day and she was in heaven. I had heard she didn’t have much interest due to her age and that killed me (understatement). Putting her back in the kennel that day was the hardest thing ever. I got back in my car to go home and called my husband crying halfway home at the thought of leaving her. He said he would think about us adding another to our pack for a few days and let me know.
That following week I got home from work and was greeted by a new face.... Nina! He agreed to adopt her, and once he met her saw just why I fell head over heels for her. When we adopted her, we were forewarned that her tumor prognosis wasn’t great and it is possible that she may only have a few months. We were determined to make those her best ever. And I’m so happy to say 11/29 is her one year adoptaversary. Unfortunately, biopsies confirmed that she, in fact, does have cancer, and we also found out the reason for the wobble wasn’t just old age but from an old injury of bilaterally torn ACLs. She is on a regimen of medicine and in no pain! 
Adopting Nina has taught us to take each day one day at a time and to not let bad news determine your fate. Although old and seemingly defeated, she has the best disposition and outlook. She wakes up everyday happy and ready to just enjoy what the day has in store. She thanks us every day for adopting her in dog kisses and affection. She loves all of our other dogs and is the mother hen. We are so lucky and blessed to have Joy in our life. Thank you BARCS for all you do in making this possible!
- Brittney Root, Nina's Mom
This year, BARCS is dedicating Giving Tuesday donations to our Love Lasts Forever Program, which supports the care of homeless senior animals and sponsors their adoption fees in order to shorten their stay at the shelter and find them loving homes.

Last year, BARCS' Love Lasts Forever Program sent 700 senior pets to forever homes. The Nancy Sherertz Family Foundation has pledged to match all Giving Tuesday donations dollar-for-dollar up to $10K. It’s because of your friendship and financial support that we are able to create essential programs like Love Lasts Forever to give these senior animals hope. ​​