A Place for Every Animal (No, Really!)
Nov 8

A Place for Every Animal (No, Really!)


BARCS never turns away an animal in need. Every year, our shelter gives refuge to 12,000 animals who are in need of food, shelter, medical care or, most importantly, love.


While the majority of animals that come through our doors are cats and dogs, as an open-admission shelter, BARCS takes in all animals. In the past, we’ve had ferrets, hamsters, fish, pigs, goats and even alligators—just to name a few!



Though we do our best to provide the appropriate care for each individual animal—whether it has fur or feathers—our limited space and resources mean that all small, wildlife and exotic animals go to a partner rescue organization.


But what if our small companion animals didn’t have to?


At our new shelter at 2490 Giles Road in Cherry Hill, we’re excited to be opening two new rooms: a Small Companion Animal Adoption Room as well as a Wildlife and Reptile Room. These new rooms mean that we will have dedicated space that not only gets these special animals the best possible care while they live under our roof, but also gets them directly into loving homes.



BARCS’ ability to be a lifeline to animals and people in our community depends on the generosity of our supporters.


In order to provide BARCS with the necessary capital to relocate to our new shelter home, we are pleased to announce Rambo and Rocco’s Challenge—a $50,000 community donation match provided by Joe De Francis, Karin De Francis and Rick Bernthal.



From November 4th through the 24th, this generous group will match every dollar donated to BARCS’ From Hope to Home relocation campaign.


Your gift will make double the impact to ensure that our new shelter is a beacon of hope for Baltimore’s homeless animals, providing them with the care and second chances they deserve.


Make a gift today—they're counting on you.




Rambo and Rocco, In Loving Memory:


This matching gift challenge is in loving memory of Rambo Van Dyke (left) and Rocco Bernthal (right), two incredible dogs who deeply touched the lives of their families. May their legacy continue to help animals in need for years to come through supporting BARCS’ mission.


Thank you to the De Francis, Van Dyke and Bernthal families for this tremendous and generous community challenge match.