Introducing Our New Adoption Program: Positively Adoptable
Feb 24

Introducing Our New Adoption Program: Positively Adoptable


At BARCS, we believe in second chances for every animal that comes through our doors, including cats who have tested positive for FIV and FeLV. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new adoption program: Positively Adoptable, which waives adoption fees for FIV+ and FeLV+ cats! 

FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) are diseases that suppress a cat’s immune system, making it more difficult for them to fight off infections. FIV has no cure and no treatment. FeLV has a preventative vaccine, but this does not work on cats who are already carrying the disease. 

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation about FIV and FeLV, so some people are reluctant to adopt these special cats. Many fear that the disease is transmitted from cats to humans, or that cats who test positive will always live shorter lives. Because of these misunderstandings and stigmas, many FIV+ and FeLV+ cats are overlooked in shelters, leading to a much higher euthanasia rate despite their adoptability.


Here at BARCS, we want to change that because we believe these kitties deserve loving homes. After all, they still play, purr and snuggle—they don’t know that they are different than any other cat in our shelter!


Marston's Story


Marston was found as a stray in city streets and brought to BARCS. Upon his arrival, our medical team found that he was FIV+. Others may have given up on Marston, but not BARCS. He quickly became a staff favorite with his funny ears and quirky personality.
After two months of waiting for someone willing to take a chance on him, Marston went home to start the rest of his life. His dad is so infatuated with him that Marston now gets to join him at work everyday! Now that he is someone’s special little guy, it’s hard to believe that he was ever passed up just for having the FIV+ diagnosis.
How You Can Help
Marston is just one great example of how a “positive” cat can find a happy ending and make a great companion. Please consider a donation to the Positively Adoptable Program to ensure that more cats like Marston are able to find their forever homes. Your donation, in any amount, will sponsor the adoption fee of a "positive" cat in our shelter right this very minute who needs a family.
More Information About FIV and FeLV
Cats with FIV cannot give the disease to other species including humans. While a positive diagnosis may shorten the lives of some cats, we also have had FIV+ cats adopted from us who lived long and happy lives as long as secondary infections (like upper respiratory infections) are treated quickly.
Often, FeLV+ cats have shortened lifespans. However, this doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of love.
Both FIV+ and FeLV+ cats can be more prone to dental disease, so adopters should keep a close relationship with their vet and follow their recommendations for caring for their kitty.
In either case, we always suggest that adopters consult with their family veterinarian about introducing an FIV+ or FeLV+ cat to the family.
And there are so many more looking for their forever homes at BARCS. As an open-admission shelter, we’ll continue to love and care for these special animals as long it takes for them to find their happily ever after. But they deserve to be in a warm and loving home. 
At BARCS, we strive to give all animals the best possible chance at life. Our adoption packages aren't possible without your generous donationsMake a real difference today and support or adopt a “positive” friend!