Who Rescued Who? Mochi's Story
Jun 10

Who Rescued Who? Mochi's Story


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things don’t always go according to plan. This was a fact of life that Vi and her husband Sean discovered very quickly.

After a long and happy life, their senior cat Silver crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2016. A year later, the couple decided they were ready to open their homes and hearts again to a new cat. Ideally, he would be very similar to Silver: an older male cat with a calm disposition and a fondness for napping in sunbeams. Vi and Sean met with a cat who fit this bill, and they were so excited about falling in love again. But, unfortunately, there was an adopter ahead of them who got first dibs.


The couple was heartbroken. But our adoption counselor had another cat in mind: Mochi. Vi explains, “She took us to the very back room, and when her crate opened, this tiny and filthy kitty with these striking eyes jumped into my husband's arms and immediately started purring. She picked us, so we had no choice but to fill in an application for her.”



Once she had been spayed, Vi and Sean picked her up and brought her to her new home. Our adoption counselors warned that Mochi could be scared and hide when she first came home, but instead, she was confident and fearless, strutting out of her carrier to explore her new digs. She was so trusting, in fact, that she slept between the couple that very first night with her belly up in the air!


Two years later, Mochi doesn’t even look like the same stray kitten. Her fur, once short, fluffed out that first winter into a majestic mane that has stayed ever since. And her beautiful, bi-color eyes are entrancing. Over the years, Vi and Sean discovered about Mochi:


  • Her favorite game is tag, and she also occasionally likes to play fetch.
  • She's a neat freak and hates seeing food sitting out, even while her parents are eating. She will try to cover it up with whatever she can find, be it socks or napkins.
  • Her favorite position to chill in is laying around with her belly up. She loves belly rubs.
  • She's extremely tolerant and social and is great around small children and dogs.
  • She is harness-trained and loves going on walks.
  • She has extreme FOMO and needs to be involved with anything that is happening.
  • She loves watching TV.
  • She can't hold a grudge.
  • She prefers bags to boxes.

Now, they can’t imagine their life without silly, fluffy Mochi. She wasn’t what Vi and Sean first thought they wanted in a new cat, but Mochi was absolutely what they needed.


You can follow Mochi’s adventures on Instagram @amochineko.



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