Reclaiming a Pet


Policy for Reclaiming Impounded Animals

BARCS accepts and cares for all animals impounded by Baltimore City Animal Control.

The owner is responsible for all redemption charges. Cash and credit card are acceptable payment methods. For questions concerning the reason for the impoundment of your pet, please contact Animal Control at 410-396-4688.


Impoundment Fees

Per Baltimore City Code Title 10: The owner may reclaim an animal within 72 hours of impoundment. If the owner reclaims the animal, the City may require the owner to pay fees for the care, feeding, housing, and veterinary care of the animal during impoundment. They may also require the animal to be microchipped or may require the animal to be altered. Proof of current pet license, vaccinations, spay/neuter or microchip will lower the cost of the redemption.


Impoundment Regulations