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Third-Party Events and Fundraisers


Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in hosting an event to benefit BARCS! We depend upon support from our community to care for thousands of homeless animals. Thankfully, BARCS receives requests from individuals and organizations like yours who are interested in raising funds for BARCS so that we can continue to save the lives of animals in our community. It is our responsibility to the community to confirm that when the BARCS name or logo is being used, that it supports our mission.

Third-Party Events and Fundraisers Form

The following guidelines help ensure that your event to benefit BARCS is successful:


Prior to promoting the event to the public, the event organizer will provide BARCS with any combination of the following:

If the BARCS logo will be used, BARCS will supply the event organizer with our logo. Please do not use or download our logo from any other source. Promotion of the event should state: “Benefitting BARCS”.

Please note, BARCS will make every effort to include your fundraising event in our various marketing channels when possible. Marketing other events not hosted by BARCS dilute BARCS efforts and therefore, may be beneficial for the organization to market them. The majority, if not all, of the promotion should come from the event organizer.     


Event organizers agree to:

1) Notify BARCS of any event at least 30 days in advance of the planned event. It is very important that BARCS staff is aware of any event that is planned to raise funds or awareness for BARCS. We need to be prepared should any member of the public ask us about your event in order to authenticate it. 

2) Identify a point person and provide contact information. This is the person responsible for organizing the event, coordinating efforts with BARCS, collecting and depositing any donated funds for BARCS, and is responsible for all event coordination, marketing/promotion and sales.

3) Any event/marketing material using BARCS name or logo must be preapproved by BARCS. Please allow 5 business days from receipt of any materials for the decision. Please clearly state on any printed materials the name of the group responsible for the event and the percent of proceeds or ticket sales that will benefit BARCS 

4) Collect names, mailing and email addresses of donors at the event and provide the lists to BARCS at the conclusion of the event. It is important that BARCS sends acknowledgment letters to donors thanking them for their donation, as this also legitimizes that your event benefits BARCS.  You are responsible for complying with all IRS regulations regarding the event or any charitable deductions.

5) Supply any permits and liability insurance necessary for your event. Many events require special permits and/or liability coverage which will be your responsibility.

6) Remit event donation (monetary) to BARCS within two weeks of the event. Online donations are preferred. Remitting event donations in a timely manner ensures proper accounting and recordkeeping on our end and allows event organizer and BARCS to notify event supporters of results. 


Please also note:

After you have reviewed these guidelines, please complete the BARCS Third Party Event Application found here. Once received and reviewed, an employee from BARCS will contact you. 

Please email with any questions. Again, thank you for your desire to assist BARCS. Our animals are very appreciative of your efforts!